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Investing in Real Estate Italian Markets without unpleasant surprises

By Avv. Michele Capecchi, LL.M.A little villa in the countryside? An apartment in the city? A charming house in a medieval town? The real estate ads are irresistible. However, your dream of a home in Italy can quickly become a legal nightmare. Buying a property in Italy is something that no one should attempt without proper legal support. As this Q&A explains, even before making an offer or signing a contract you should have a legal advisor who can help determine your eligibility and protect you through the process.

All you need to know before renting (and renting out) a property in Italy

By Avv. Michele Capecchi, LL.M.The Internet is an amazing resource for all those wanting to rent an apartment without the assistance of a real estate agency. However, while the adventure of finding the perfect place for a short- or long-term stay can be rather exciting, the technicalities of both renting and renting out an apartment, especially in a foreign country, present numerous obstacles, not the least of which is a stream of seemingly unintelligible paperwork and legal stumbling blocks. Whether you are a student, tourist or owner planning to rent out a property, it is important to understand the basic elements of short-term residential agreements.