Areas of Practice


Litigation and ADR

Thinking ahead to anticipate and prevent problems is the main principle that guides our practice. Our first goal is always to avoid disputes and resolve the problems by using a wide variety of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques.

But if necessary, we are also prepared to fight, and fight hard, to defend the interests of our clients in any national courthouse.

Our attorneys appear on a regular basis before national courts (including the Supreme Court of Cassation), arbitration tribunals, and administrative agencies, and they are trained to manage all aspects of civil and criminal disputes.


International Transactions, Contract & Business Law

For over fifteen years, Avv. Michele Capecchi has managed international transactions and legal matters both in Italian and in English (for example, JV, NDA, license, distribution and other trade agreements, management and transfer of IP rights) on behalf of clients based in the U.S., Canada, Peru, Russia, the UAE, Asia, and all over the European Union.

Our office routinely provides legal support to prevent and quickly resolve most common legal issues, such as payments, liability, damage recovery, and labor issues.

Today’s global marketplace relies on the ability of companies to expand internationally. To do so effectively, we created a network of international tax and legal experts from around the world with whom we work to determine the best business model for our clients, in Italy and abroad.


Real Estate Invesment

Buying property in Italy is something that no one should attempt without proper legal support. Before making an offer or signing a contract, consult a legal adviser who can help you determine your eligibility to buy and protect you throughout the process from the pitfalls and unpleasant surprises often related to real estate investments in Italy.

Whether you plan to purchase a property in the center of Florence, invest in the Italian countryside, or open a new business, we can help you handle these complex transactions.

Before each transaction, and with the help of our network of assistants (engineers, architects, and civil law notaries), we will determine whether the vendor is free to sell the asset, and if the purchaser can legitimately acquire it. In addition, we will suggest the most suitable and advantageous economic solution for each situation.


Intellectual Property Protection

“You’ve got ideas. We protect them.”

Studio Legale Capecchi specializes in IP-related services such as trademark registration, copyright, license agreements, franchising, know-how transfer agreements, and non-disclosure agreements, among others.

We know how crucial your company’s trademarks are. From trademark registration to portfolio management to litigation, our approach is always result-oriented. We help you protect and add value to your trademarks as if your business depends on it. Because it does.

Our office can conduct an IP audit of your business to advise you regarding both the assets that you need to protect and the likelihood of success in applying for protection where it is required.

Ranked in the “TOP 1000 Trademark Professionals in the World” by WTR 1000 (2016), Michele Capecchi develops tailor-made agreements to preserve, enhance, sell, and license the intangible assets of international companies. His expertise helps companies leverage their in-house creativity and know-how to increase both success and profits.



Whether you want to come to Italy to study, work, set up your business, get married, request international refugee protection, or simply enjoy the Italian dolce vita, our firm will assist you in navigating the obstacle course of European and national immigration laws, suggest the most appropriate way to legally enter and stay in Italy, and support you throughout your application with the Italian consular authorities.

Studio Legale Capecchi has a long and successful track record in the field of corporate immigration issues. We also support freelancers, public and academic entities, and private clients who wish to request and obtain any kind of residence permit (including elective residency and blue cards) or apply for Italian citizenship and dual citizenship jure sanguinis.

After their arrival in Italy, we guide companies and expats through the process smoothly and painlessly to obtain the permit to stay (and the relevant documents requested to start their business).

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We provide extensive and complete services to assist clients in the process of applying for citizenship. We provide guidance throughout the entire process by identifying potential problems with applications, advising clients of required documents, and explaining what to expect after they apply. Michele Capecchi provides non-EU immigrants with specialized assistance in the application process for recognition of citizenship jure sanguinis (based on Italian heritage), as well as citizenship based on marriage or residence for both minors and for adults. If you are refused an entry visa or denied citizenship, or your residence permit is withdrawn or denied, we can help you to appeal the decision.

A unique area of support we provide is for cases when “Italian blood” is passed down by a maternal ancestor (a great-grandmother or a grandmother who was born in Italy and migrated abroad many years ago). These situations fall under the category of the “1948 exception” rule that restricts a foreigner from applying for citizenship directly at an Italian Consulate, requiring instead that the application be brought before a national court in Italy. We offer specialized and professional representation before all of the national courts of Italy in the case of a “1948 exception.” As always, in the event of an unlikely denial of the application, we will help you to appeal the decision.



We assist our clients with legal procedures related to car accidents, insurance law, damage recovery, and medical malpractice. We support our clients whenever an insurance company refuses or challenges a claim for reimbursement or indemnification. We work to protect the legal rights and best interests of every client, from injury victims to professionals charged with malpractice.



Over years of legal practice, Studio Legale Capecchi has represented both defendants and victims of crimes in numerous criminal trials, involving various types of felonies (Italian delitti) and misdemeanors (Italian contravvenzioni).

As defense lawyers, we strive to render effective and qualified representation to safeguard our client’s constitutional rights. Our activity continues through every stage of a criminal trial. We suggest alternative procedures to a standard court trial, if it is more convenient for our client.

When we represent victims of crime, our first task is to help them file a police report (Italian denuncia) or lawsuit (Italian querela) at the police station or the Public Prosecutor’s office. During the criminal trial, our principal duty is to support the Public Prosecutor’s accusation regarding the crime, and to help the victim (named Parte Civile) recover the physical, emotional or economic damages suffered because of the criminal conduct of the offender.



Our legal team is available for the daily needs of our individual clients, whether they seek to purchase or sell a house, wish to decide in advance how to divide their family assets, or set up a trust and draft a will. We have specific experience providing legal support to draft international wills. We assist our international clients in every phase of their life; at times, this might include an unfortunate and painful decision to file for separation and divorce.