I don’t want my Lawyer to tell me what I cannot do.
I hire him to tell me how to do what I want to do

– J.P. Morgan

Our Office

In a world with vanishing borders, Studio Legale Capecchi cultivates creative legal solutions for clients both at home and abroad.

Our office support all areas of civil law practice, including commercial law, business law, intellectual property, family law, employment law, compliance, civil rights, personal injury, and car accidents.

Over almost two decades of practice, we have frequently represented defendants and victims of crimes at trial.


Litigation and ADR

Thinking ahead to anticipate and prevent problems is the main principle guiding our practice.

We help domestic and international clients resolve legal disputes through litigation, arbitration, and mediation. Though we seek favorable settlement whenever possible, we stand ready to defend our clients through litigation when the situation demands it. (…)



Contract & Business Law

We help international businesses determine how best to structure their domestic and overseas operations. We know that strong bilingual contracts are key when it comes to protecting client operations. We help identify the types of contracts that our clients need, and we offer comprehensive support in contract negotiation, drafting, translation, and enforcement. (…)


Italian and International Real Estate Invesments

Whether planning to purchase a property in the center of Florence or invest in the Italian countryside, we help both individuals and corporations negotiate the purchase and sale of real property throughout the country. We assist in dispute resolution, and handle homeowner and condominium association disputes.(…)


Intellectual Property Protection

We know that Intellectual Property matters.

In today’s global economy, we help our clients to protect and manage their trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, confidential information, and other proprietary rights across the spectrum, providing IP services that are sustainable, industry-specific, and cost-effective. (…)


Immigration Support for Individual Clients and Companies,

Corporate Relocation, and Citizenship

We help clients come to Italy for many reasons: study or work, to set up a branch office for their business, to marry, request international protection, claim their Italian citizenship, and more. (…)



Auto, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents, animal attack cases,
medical negligence, and wrongdoing are examples of injuries where the injured party can receive the compensation they are due, and for which our firm can provide assistance. (…)

Criminal Law

In almost two decades of legal practice, we have frequently represented both defendants and victims of crimes at trial. Our activity encompasses every stage of the criminal trial. (…)


Family Law and Wills

Our legal team is prepared to handle the daily needs of our individual clients: property settlement matters, separation and divorce, international wills, asset protection, international child custody, and more. (…)

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Citizenship and Dual Citizenship

If you seek to obtain Italian citizenship or wish to take advantage of the benefits an EU passport has to offer, we can help. Many clients love Italy and Italian culture and wish to make their home here. Others come full circle to reclaim their Italian citizenship jure sanguinis. (…)

Emigration, Full Circle: Returning to the Old Country

The CBS Morning News special titled “Emigration, Full Circle: Returning to the Old Country” aired on May 19, 2019 and featured Avv. Michele Capecchi discussing the popular trend of American citizens seeking to reacquire dual Italian citizenship passed to them from their Italian ancestors.